Shruti Ramiah

Mobile Internet Experiences

May 2007

Interface design, User research

Nokia Research Center
Helsinki, Finland

From May to December 2007 I worked at Nokia Research Center, Helsinki alongside a team of technologists and usability experts. We were developing a device UI concept for internet-related tasks on a next-generation mobile device. The focus was on the integration of on-device functionality with web-based services. The concept also explored reusing UI patterns from web interaction, such as inter-page navigation and search.

Nokia Research Center Linked UI

In September 2009, the team posted this video of the UI concept prototype.

Work on the project began with research into the adoption and use of mobile internet. One phase of the research was conducted in Bangalore, India. We focused on understanding what brought users to the service, what they are utilizing it for and what has been the evolution of their use. In Bangalore, we augmented our research by looking at Internet cafes which are the primary mode of internet access for most people.

Mobile Internet Experiences